Computer / Networking Support

No matter what computer / networking technology you have, we are most likely very experienced with it!

We have supported Information Technologies before "IT" ever became an accepted acronym! [I mean, we have been supporting business and home computing all the way back to the days of just D.O.S.!]

We have the know-how and the tools to analyze and troubleshoot just about anything with your computer or network - on both the hardware and software levels (including desktop application software, specific vertical market apps (i.e., "EZ Dental", "Arc/Info", "ERDAS", and both hierarchical and relational databases!

So, whether you have a stand-alone computer system, or a workgroup network, or a full-blown Server(s)-centric Windows Domain environment, we can most likely service and support it! We even know a little Linux!

Web Design and Development


No matter what kind of web presence you are wanting to have, ... and No matter how small or how big you want it to be, ... and No matter if you want to prefer to make it strictly informational or if you wish to list and sell products or services right on it, ...We can do it for you better and quicker and more affordably than most any other web designer out there!

We not only know how to make many kinds of websites, we thoroughly understand how search engines (i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) operate and we design (or even upgrade your existing website) to take full advantage of those search sites!

We even have a solid grasp of WordPress - one of the most popular webdesign tools out there today -- In fact, this very website,, has been designed primarily using WordPress, along with some css (that we are also very good at doing!)

Academic Tutoring and Adult Training

Yes, you read that right! We offer the finest academic tutoring (all ages), as well as computer and other employee training!

We can offer any this in a one-on-one fashion or in a small to larger-sized conference room environment. And we can even give some more generalized training as a Power Point Presentation to an audience of up to 1,000 or more!

We have experienced teachers / trainers who have successfully worked with children and adults -- from ages 8 to 80!

Of course, our younger students are primarily focused on academic subject matter, while our adult students tend toward computer and networking skills. And, we also provide non-computer type training to employees and managers in areas of risk analysis / management, marketing, best business practices, etc.


And We offer So Much More for So less!

Are you looking for help designing macros in Microsoft Word or Excel? We do that, too!
Do you need help with form letters and mailings -- and / or training on that? Well, we do that as well!
Have you been wanting help in Bookkeeping, or more specifically, QuickBooks support and / or training? We also do those things!
Or do you have a software package that was promised to be easy to install and / or learn and apply, but you seem to be struggling with it? Well, we will fully learn and teach you how to use it with ease and great dexterity!
Again, all of that for pennies on the dollar compared to our competition! Just check us out -- click the "Take Action Now" Button below to be taken to our "Contact Us" Page right now!

We make it personal!

To us, you are not a company or a paycheck. NO! You are a trusted friend (or soon will be!), that we will stake our reputation on to help make you and your business succeed like you may have only dreamed of doing!

That is our "Personal Guarantee", and that is exactly why "We Make It Personal"!

So click the "Take Action Now" button below and you will soon see why so many others have been so pleased with our top-rate services (but provided at bargain-basement prices)!

Next Step...

This is not one of those sites that offers you the moon but delivers only a model!

No, I assure you, we are the real-deal. We are not in this tech support and academic / business training business to get rich.

We have bills, just as you do. All we want is to make enough to pay them, ...
and if possible,  have a little extra.

Again, just as you do, I'm sure!

So Click the "Take Action Now" button right now so you can fill out our "Contact Us" form, and so we can get back with you ASAP!