Our 10 Steps Ensuring Your Success

  1. Begin Loop of New Project.
  2. Meet and Open with a Hearty Handshake.
  3. Be Kind and Empathetic.
  4. Be Attentive and Analytical.
  5. Be Responsive and Reasonable.
  6. Be Effective and Efficient in Problem Resolution.
  7. Forge Stronger Friendships and Trusts.
  8. End with a Hearty Handshake.
  9. Stop Project Loop.
  10. Begin Again (at Step #1) on New Project.

Our Story, formerly Compunets, was founded by one man: Rick Strader - a naturally born-teacher / trainer. He has focused his technical skills on understanding "what makes IT tick" and "how to fix IT", as well as the "whys and wherefores of how IT all works together", but he always kept in the back of his mind "how can he make you understand IT much more clearly", so "you can be that more effectual and profitable with IT"!

And that is the kind of mindset that Rick has instilled in his staff! Yes, every tech and trainer from will bring a level of effectiveness and efficiency to your company that will make you so glad that you found us!

Meet the Team

As "Our Story" stated above, our has only one goal: to serve you in such unparalleled effective and efficient ways that you will be absolutely thrilled that you discovered us! We mean that! And you can take that, my friend (to be) to the Bank!

Rick Strader


Founder & CEO & Top-Tier Tech

Shirley Strader

B.A., M.O.U.S.E.,
Certified K-12 Teacher

 Vice President

some of our students / techs

Various Certified Techs

Many have worked OJT with us, most are gainfully employed elsewhere!

Next Steps...

As you can obviously imagine, we stay fairly busy -- not only due to our low rates, but more relevantly, because of our can-do, unrelenting diligence to solving your problems with our highly-refined technical  prowess, top-tier training, and our "MAGA" management consulting skills!

So Click the Learn More button right now so you "learn more" about each of the Services we offer!