No matter what computer / networking technology you have, we are most likely very experienced with it!

We have supported Information Technologies before "IT" ever became an accepted acronym! [I mean, we have been supporting business and home computing all the way back to the days of just D.O.S.!]

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No matter what kind of web presence you are wanting to have, ... and No matter how small or how big you want it to be, ... and No matter if you want to prefer to make it strictly informational or if you wish to list and sell products or services right on it, ... We can do it for you better and quicker and more affordably than most any other web designer out there!

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Yes, you read that right! We offer the finest academic tutoring (all ages), as well as computer and other employee training!

We can offer any this in a one-on-one fashion or in a small to larger-sized conference room environment. And we can even give some more generalized training as a Power Point Presentation to an audience of up to 1,000 or more!

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Who We Really Are and Our Sole Purpose

We go by the name of, but that is not the moniker we went under all the time. No. In fact, it is a relatively new label for us! We used to go by the name of "Compunets", which stood for  "Computers and Networking Specialists".

However, as time went on, we discovered that we were acquiring many other skills and abilities that our former name did not indicate, like great training services, bookkeeping skills, management support, along with so many other things that we just had to start going by a much more appropriate heading.

And that is how "" was born! Our new title stands for "Information Technology and Training". Yes, I know, it's not truly all-encompassing, but it's surely a lot more relevant than our old one!

Besides, we feel like this new name allows us to become more personal to our clients -- no matter how big or small they are in size.

And that's exactly what we need because that is our sole, heart-felt purpose for being in business: to serve each and every customer to our uttermost, treating them like our closest, personal friends!

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